Morton Valley

Eastland Class 1954

Eastland Centennial Memorial Library


                      Wonderful Blossons Make Good Fruits

                     Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)March 14, 2011

    This is a new day, the weather is cold, the winds are blowing but that does not    change the fact that my pear tree is filled with beautiful blossons.  They are so pretty.

  Not only that but in my mind, I can almost taste the pears. It takes time for the blossoms to set, the fruit to appear on the tree but in October the fruit will be large enough to eat and the tree will be filled with birds and squirrels getting their first sample of the delicious fruit. I wonder if you have something in your garden like that.  I wonder if the blossoms bring the wonderful taste to your mind..   

    May the hope of the good fresh fruit of the pears place in your mind the days of October when you will be eating some of those delicious pears.  Now, each child born in the coming days will have choices to make that can make them into delicious fruit for others to see. So if you see a newborn baby think of this writeup.

             Fruit of Good Works

          Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

          How will you use it to improve those who are watching your life?