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Bible & Lilies
Bible & Lilies

 Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c) February 8,2010

Remember to call on God in your good times and in your bad times. He is waiting.

        Come With Me And Find Comfort For Your Soul

             Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)

        Have your been filled with troubled and frightening things?

        Try turning them over to the Father above and see if they will not

        work out better than you thought. God is a mighty God.

        Do you remember when Jesus was on earth and found

        a little boy’s lunch was ample for the large crowd.

         Talk With the Lord about What Is Bothering You

                           Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)

                            Match 12, 2011

   Psalms 75:1 King James Version “ Unto thee, o God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks, for that they name is near thy wondrous works declare.”

 Lift up your voice and sing praises unto God.  He is a mighty God.  I can reading the story from the Bible when Jesus was on earth that one of the disciples found a little boy who had a small lunch, Jesus took the food, broke it into small bites and it fed 5,000 people. Why are we so afraid to trust the Lord who is able to do such tremendous thing?