Morton Valley

Eastland Class 1954

Eastland Centennial Memorial Library

Is The Door Opened 0r Closed

            Is The Door Open Or Is It Closed

              Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)  

                     The Locked Door

 I walked up to the church this morning and tried to open the door.    It would not open. Then I reached for the key. Oh No. My keys fell to the ground. I hoped I could get them quickly because it was windy, cold and the wind was blowing in my face.

           My mind began to think of how many people had said,    “No, Lord I do not have time for you today.” I remembered times I had spoken to Jesus on the run and not waited for His reply to me. I know that your life is busy, your have places to go, things to do and tasks to accomplish.  But let me tell you that there is time for a talk with Jesus as you begin today. 


                       Is The Door Open Or Is It Closed

           Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c) March 12, 2011

          In John 10:7 it says “Verily, verily, I say unto you. I am the door.” Have you answered the call in your heart to accept the way of eternal life? I hope you have decided that it is easier to open the door to Jesus than to all the things that fill your life.

           If you will allow Him to enter into your heart, He will make your life so much better than it is now. He wants to come in and visit with you and He wants to be a part of your everyday work and play schedule. Give Jesus and opportunity to be a real part of your life