Morton Valley

Eastland Class 1954

Eastland Centennial Memorial Library

One to Another

                     One to Another             

             Be A Friend

            Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)

            March 15, 2011

      I searched everywhere for a friend, but found not one. I tried being a friend and friends were everywhere.

      If you are feeling all alone, begin to search for people who need some one to care about them.

     You will find numerous people looking for a friend.   We can accomplish so much more with combined efforts than with individual efforts. Donít wait until you are desperate to find friends, do it today. The purpose of this is two fold; your life becomes better and fuller but so does theirs.

     It may take a little effort or possibly a lot of effort but every time you make a friend you become a more perfect person. The world is in need of people who are willing to spend a little effort for someone other than themselves. I know you can do this because there are many opportunities.          

      Take time today to do something good for another person. It can be small to begin with, but it may mean something great in the mind of the one it is done for. Donít let this day pass without making a new friend.